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Harron Homes Ltd – Owl Lane

Harron Homes Ltd contacted Fastsource Ltd for remedial works at the Former pit land at Owl Lane Dewsbury to deliver a number of activities to a tight programme of works in March, July, October and December 2017:

1. Construction of Car Park for Dewsbury Rams

As part of a land deal Harron Homes Ltd had agreed to construct a new 12,000m2 car park, Fastsource Ltd imported circa 30,000m3 of suitable fill and aggregate capping to achieve a CBR formation of 5%.

2. Construction of 2nr multi use games arenas (MUGA) for Dewsbury RAMS

Again as part of the Harron Homes Ltd land deal with Dewsbury RAMS Fastsource Ltd were contracted to construct 2nr MUGA’s approximately 9,000m2 & 2,000m2.
Fastsource Ltd contracted Chris Wright Road Ltd to plane the tarmac for reuse in the car park areas, cut & filled the site, supplied engineering for setting out, and utilising GPS machinery imported, spread & levelled circa 4000tones Type 3 aggregate to achieve a final formation level for the specialist surfacing contractor to commence.

3. Plot Engineering Works- Harron Homes 84 plots

During Phase 1 of a 150 house build Harron Homes Ltd employed a piling system that was causing great strain on their construction budget. For Phase 2 & 3 Lithos Consulting Ltd devised a re-engineering system to construct the next 100 plots, roads & gardens buy way of ‘plot turnover’ so that a raft system could be agreed with the local authority. Following completion of an initial test pad by Fastsource Ltd & Lithos the works commenced with and overall cut & fill volume of circa 100,000m3.

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