Castle Homes case study

Castle Homes Ltd

Remediation of contaminated land for 9nr domestic dwellings

Castle Homes Ltd employed Fastsource Ltd & to conduct the remediation of a former builders merchants and tip at Syke Lane Leeds for the purpose of 9 residential plots.

Fastsource Ltd along with Blackrock Environment Ltd devised a revised remediation strategy and submitted to local authority to value engineer the initial proposal.

The initial programme budget was circa £300,000.00

Principal activities involved:

  • Acting as Principal Contractor for the works
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Protection fencing
  • Asbestos Removal of a small number of garages
  • Litter Picking Cement Asbestos Fragments
  • Breaking out concrete hardstandings
  • Excavation of former landfill
  • Remediation of TPH & Asbestos infected soils
  • Screening to remove debris & hardcore
  • Breaking out rock
  • Processing resultant aggregate
  • Backfilling to plots & highway up to 4meters to a CBR formation 5%+
  • Disposal of soils
  • Submission of validation report to Local Authority

Finally, the contract was completed within the allotted timescale for a reduced sum of £150,000.00 to Castle Homes Ltd’s satisfaction.

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