Ardsley House Hotel Barnsley
  • date: 18 Mar 2017
  • client: Arncliffe Homes Ltd
  • value: £250,000
  • location:
    Barnsley, South Yorkshire

Ardsley House Hotel – Barnsley

Arncliffe Homes Ltd contacted Fastsource Ltd for the asbestos removal & demolition of the 72 bedroom former Ardsley House Hotel spa & conference venue during November 2016 – February 2017.

Fastsource acted as principal contractor for the entire demolition works.

Given the significant history of the Ardsley House Hotel Wessex Archaeology were employed to conduct 3d scanning to the historic section of the build for nation database, Fastsource had to work alongside Wessex to offer access periodically to areas of significance during the works.

Licensed & Non- Licensed Asbestos was present in the building Fastsource Ltd co-ordinated its safe removal prior to commencing demolition works in accordance with HSE legislation & guidance.

The building ultimately consisted of several different structures over the whole development, during each phase alternate methods had to be applied to the demolition to suit.

Of all the building less than 1% of material was sent to landfill, the remainder went to recycling. The bulk of the hardcore was removed to Fastsource Wakefield Recycling depot for processing & redistribution throughout its various earthworks schemes.

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